Virtual Valley Craft Network Studio Tour 2021

JanePettitArt is having a virtual tour again in 2021. Several of my pieces are on display and for sale at the Willow Oaks Craft Cider stop on the tour. The online            is always open for your shopping pleasure!  All shopping and payment can be done on the website. I offer masked pick-up in the barn on all items during the tour or later. Shipping is available on jewelry, mosaic kits and many other items.  Pick-up in Bethesda is also available. A visit to the studio can be arranged.  Please feel free to email/text/chat with any questions or special requests.

Everything I make is mosaic art, inspired by people and nature. It reflects my love of color, texture and the abstract aesthetic.  An inclination to celebrate what’s right in the world adds joy, humor and whimsy to much of my work. Creating things to be enjoyed by you gives me great pleasure and I hope they share the sense of joy and serenity I have while creating them!

NEW last year in the shop were mosaic kits with everything you need to make mosaics at home. Memory Pot kits come with a wide array of fun objects with which to cover your keepsake pot. Letter art kits let you spell out a favorite word or create a monogram. Both representational and abstract kits allow for individual creativity. These can be mailed as gifts for many occasions!

About My Art 

Recent Additions
Here are several recently completed pieces. 

IMG_2298 2.jpeg
Contemporary Mosaic Sculpture
Mermaid Dreams combines bright colors with cascading white shells, dancing maidens, and flower strewn mirrors to bring a whimsical fantasy to life.  She brings mystery, intrigue and a unique beauty to a home's interior design. 
Mermaid Dreams is a whimsical fantasy contemporary sculpture. Shells, stained glass, mirror, ceramic mosaic tells a story.
Show your true colors by the art you surround yourself with. I choose happy.