Wild Affinities

Who Am I?

Sunrise, Sunset

Water Sorceress

Dream Warrior

Spilembergo Spire

Summer's Welcome

Sea Serpent, top

Art Dot Sold

Ice Dancer

Ode to Spring

Ode to Food


Near Sunset

Muse II Front

Near Sunset, angle

Muse II Back

Muse I Sold

Muse I Back Sold

Mickey and Friends Sold

Road Trip

Indivisible, Side 2


Ice Pyramids 3’, 4’, 6'

Garden Sentinel 6" x 40" x 14"


Memorabilia Commission Sold

Rose and Ladybug 6" x 38" x 36"

Ice Pyramids 3", 4", 6"

Frog and Friends Sold


Pups Memory Jar Sold

Green Nose

Re of Life Sold

40's Shoe

Secret Garden Memory Pot


Forest Spirit Sold

Wild Affinity 24" x 17" x 11" Sold

Mermaid Fantasies

Frogs Three and Me

Sea Serpant

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