Garden sculpture and interior decor sculpture can add a contemporary statement to your world. Each work has its own story. Natural elements, recycled materials, fine handmade glass and ceramics combine to become one-of-a-kind works of art. Care is taken to show the maker's hand rather than machine-like precision.  Each piece celebrates the perfectly imperfect in life!

contemporary garden sculptures, slate & concrete art, bright Italian glass mosaic, 3-sided linear design
contemporary garden sculptures, slate & concrete art, linear design, lines converging
Sunrise, Sunset.jpg
Mermaid Fantasies,
Aqua blue glass and white marble swirl up a seven foot sculpture Ode%20to%20Water_edited.jpg
Let's Celebrate. Bright glass mosaic lines converge in a white marble field. two-piece abstract mosaic sculpture, granite base.
Dream Warrior
Let's Celebrate back.jpg
Flower Power