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Made by hand in Maryland

Each work is one of a kind

Celebrating the good in life

Using recycled materials


The personal connections I've made with customers over the years are a wonderful part of being an artist. In this crazy new world, I'm sorry we miss making many of those connections. I offer a few things to keep in mind to make your online shopping experience as pleasant as possible.  

        During the sale, please remember that items in your cart are still available to all until they have been paid for.

        If you miss out on something you wanted, please email me to see if I can make a similar one. 

        Shipping charges are auto-calculated.  If you buy multiple items and if any savings in shipping can be arranged, I will refund the savings.  


         Store items that I am not able to pack and ship quickly can be found on the SHOP for Pick Up  page.

If you have any questions or problems while shopping, please email me.                    .

Jewelry Gallery 1

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Jewelry Gallery 2

$6 discount for jewelry! Use promo code Shipping Refund for this gallery